This video is the final for my first quarter as a motion media student. I decided to take one of my favorite songs, "Midnight," by Coldplay, and base my interpretation of that song within the concept. Before I describe my intent and concept, here are the lyrics included in the video:
Millions of miles from home, 
In the swirling, swimming on
When I'm rolling with the thunder but bleed from thorns 
Leave a light, a light on
Leave a light, a light on.
I interpret these lyrics within my own life. When I left home to chase my dreams, I left every single person I knew behind; friends and loved ones. I see these lyrics as a message to those people, to not give up on me; to always remember that I will come home. It's a message to them that even though I left, life is still extremely difficult, and I will always need them in the same ways they need me.
I chose to show imagery of forests behind my figure, and those images are part of my concept. The forests change from spring and summer, to fall, to winter. I chose this as a representation of the time that passes by that I am away from some of the most important people in my life.
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